Consider Keeping a Full Gas Tank This Winter

As you strain to make ends meet after the holiday season has drawn to a close, it is likely that you can end up sacrificing the health of your car. While you can keep your car running for many miles on a half or almost empty gas tank in warmer climates, you must protect your car in colder climates by filling the talk.

According to the Warrensburg Ford service experts, running on an almost empty tank can cause your tank wall to rust. This will in return cost you lots of money when you go for maintenance. If your gas tank has additional room due to being nearly-empty during your commute, air will occupy the space and water vapor in the air will condense. Your tank will be expected to have some water, which is lighter than gas. When you finally refill your vehicle, the water will settle down, and you will risk damaging your fuel system with water if you consistently run on low.

Visit our Warrensburg, MO Ford service center for further information on how to maintain your car during winter and save yourself some money and time.

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